The Minor Problem

Obesity, the major problem. Obesity is the word which is swirling around the world. Every household has two obese person within it. It does not concern whether it is a baby or an adult. There are numerous ways to overcome obesity,as it lies in the persons mind,and also the say goes,were there is a will,there is a way.

An obese person breathes in more oxygen and give out more carbon-dioxide, day by day as the population is increasing,near future we are sure to be in shortage of oxygen. So obesity is also an international problem.

1. Reasons for obesity.
There are many reasons for this problem. Lack of exercise,over-eating,awareness of health conscious,depression etc.

2. How to tackle the problem.
We need not do vigorous exercise,sweating all over the body,but a brisk walking early in the morning,swinging our arms to and fro,helps a lot in reducing our weight. The walking exercise will surely help to reduce the extra flesh which is gained on our thighs and arms. Similar exercises such as cycling,skipping,using the stairs instead of the lift,will also help us a lot.

Over-eating. This is another mistake which most of the people do. There are so many delicious food available out in the hotels,as well as we have also learned to prepare it by ourself. These food items,should be taken at small quantity. Avoiding completely can make us to over eat. Crash diet will make us tired and shall soon give up dieting.

It is preferable to take plenty of fluids,sugar less fresh juices,green leafy vegetables,best to munch fruits as finger foods.

Awareness of health conscious.

Each and every person should be aware of there weight gain as well as weight loss. Parents should motivate their children from childhood days to keep a keen watch over their weight.

They should imagine a slim figure in their mind and always try to maintain it,as a slim person with perfect health has bundle of confidence in them.

There are many advantages in being less obese. Eating healthy without fatty foods makes you feel lighter like a feather. We should take in mind of our height and weight.

Depression is another reason for being obese. Many eat non stopping when they feel happy as well as sad. This will surely make us fat. Mood swings changes frequently just like the change of weather. So never count your meals according to your mind.

Mind also minds for obese.

Before starting to diet to reduce weight,always be strong and firm and sincere till you reach the goal in reducing weight. A strong mind never finds excuses to lag your dieting or exercises. This is the first main step to start,to tell your mind to be strong. Thus you can fight obesity and make it a minor problem from a major problem thus, reading this article counts on reducing obese persons one by one.