Obvious that Schladen tried to get Villanueva to file a

This basically adds two more weeks in there, you look at us or any group 1 team that plays hard by the end of the season you’re beat up. How do you play two more games, and in our case play a Thanksgiving game. There aren’t that many Thanksgiving games but that one year we didn’t play one, it was nice having those two weeks off where players could recuperate and heal and be ready for that final game.”.

wholesale jerseys from china Enter crybaby, sore loser Ernesto Villanueva his machismo wouldn let him pass on Schladen invitation to throw a public temper tantrum over his loss to Niland. Obvious that Schladen tried to get Villanueva to file a complaint against Niland, which would have compelled her to produce the documents. Villanueva is so dense that he couldn even figure out how to file complaint and through coaxing from Schladen almost got himself sued! Let me explain.. wholesale jerseys from china

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