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While there was a predominance of women overall (male: female 1:1.24), men were over represented in the dysplasia group (male: female 1:0.95). The average duration of follow up was around 10 years, similar for most mucosal histology groups, except for the intestinal metaplasia group (7.9 years). In the “other diagnoses” subcohort, 54130 patients remained after the two year lag.

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pandora charms There are actually six different types of licenses that fall under the Creative Commons umbrella and only three of them allow for commercial use of images: Attribution: CC BY, Attribution ShareAlike: CC BY SA, and Attribution NoDerivs: CC BY ND. Flickr, a popular source of images that use the Creative Commons license, allows to you search for images according to the type of license that is being offered.A Word about Free ClipartThere are a number of websites offering galleries of free clipart images, but these are almost never appropriate to illustrate a book you plan to sell. Free clipart websites typically restrict the use of their images for personal projects only. pandora charms

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